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Want to reduce costs and maximise your reach?

Our programmes are designed to walk with an entrepreneur while they are building their business. Module by module they will go through tasks that they will use to sell, pitch for investment, and manage growth.

"The TechTribe Accelerator was a year that changed my business for the best forever".

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Entrepreneurs in the 2020 investment readiness course raised funding.
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Of the cohorts agreed that they were more investment ready due to the acceleration program.
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Of support commitments, investment offers and deals as direct outcome of the training for the FIT programme
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Found online training to be effective yet flexible and convenient.

If you are running an acceleration or incubation program and you want to further your reach and reduce costs, then the TechTribe Accelerator can offer you a great white labelled digital solution.

Flexible learning Cost-saving per head Deep analytics for M&E Pandemic proof

The journey of entrepreneurship has never been so competitive and never been so opportune as well. Collaboration and community are the core aspects of the success formula for the next generation of hot African start-ups.

The COVID-19 pandemic requires us to digitise more processes and make our enterprise support activities lockdown proof. The TechTribe Accelerator is a Pan African online accelerator and virtual mentorship platform. It consists of three main courses and several short courses modelled specifically to help start-ups in different stages and industries. 

The four pillars built on a data foundation:

e -Learning

The accelerator equips entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge and tools required to secure investment or grow the business.

Virtual Mentorship

Expert mentors provide guidance and support to entrepreneurs, as they work to complete each component of their course.

TechTribe Community

An online community of entrepreneurs, investors, and ecosystem supporters come together on one platform to find and share resources and opportunities to partner.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Being an online system, we build our programmes on a foundation of data. TechTribe Accelerator has embedded the ability to track progress and engagement at various levels.


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