Join African entrepreneurs on their start-up journeys.

Our programmes are designed to walk with an entrepreneur while they are building their business. Module by module they will go through tasks that they will use to sell, pitch for investment, and manage growth – WITH YOUR HELP!


The TechTribe Accelerator’s programmes are suitable for a diverse set of entrepreneurs and founders.

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Entrepreneurs in the 2020 investment readiness course raised funding.
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Entrepreneurship is not something that is taught, it is learnt, and you learn by doing. Entrepreneurs join our courses not only to learn but also to achieve very specific and tangible outcomes.

Whether that is to:

  • raise funding,
  • build traction,
  • grow revenue or,
  • deliver a winning pitch at a competition.


The TTA’s programmes go beyond learning. The programmes are designed to be guided practical steps that produce the outcome you want, and you learn while doing it.


Investment Readiness Programme

A seven-month course that focuses on building out your investment case and growth plan.

Cost: 699USD

Duration: 7 months

Market Readiness Programme

A four-month course that offers early-stage entrepreneurs the tools to commercialise.

Cost: 350USD

Duration: 4 months

The Art of Pitching - Short Course

This course aims to take you through the steps of creating an informative and great standard pitch, the course then takes it a step further by taking you through steps in which you can modify your standard pitch for different investor and audience types. Remember different investors look for different things!

Cost: 30USD

Duration: 2 Months

Bioscience Commercialisation

Coming Soon!

A five-month course for researchers and scientists that want to convert their research into technology and technology into  a business.

Cost: 200USD

Duration: 5 months


Downloadable documents to share with your team and organisation.

Be empowered at your next meeting and download.

Investment Readiness Programme Brochure

Fem-in-Tech 2020 Case Study