Learn the knowledge and skills you need right now, with mentors that have “done it all before”.

Our programmes are designed to walk with you while you are building your business. Module by module you will go through tasks that you will use to sell, pitch for investment, and manage growth.

“I was very happy with the way the facilitators assistance, the gave valuable advice. I am very confident that by using all the lessons learned in the TTA, this indeed will be our breakthrough. I am very grateful. Thank you."

Rethabile – Founder of Golden Goose, South Africa
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Entrepreneurs in the 2020 investment readiness course raised funding.
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The journey of entrepreneurship has never been so competitive and never been so opportune as well. Collaboration and community are the core aspects of the success formula for the next generation of hot African start-ups.

The TechTribe Accelerator is a Pan African online accelerator and OnDemand virtual mentorship platform that brings community and collaboration to the founder. It consists of three main courses and several short courses modelled specifically to help start-ups in different stages and industries.

e -Learning

The accelerator equips entrepreneurs with the skills, knowledge and tools required to secure investment or grow the business.

OnDemand Virtual Mentorship

Expert mentors are available to provide guidance and support based on their experience and expertise.


Entrepreneurs have access to an online peer network that enables peer-to-peer learning and information sharing, such as investment and collaboration opportunities.

Access Investment

Entrepreneurs have access to an online peer network that enables peer-to-peer learning and information sharing, such as investment and collaboration opportunities.

Accelerators are meant to get businesses ready for investment, facilitate investment opportunities, and provide other critical support activities to grow businesses. However, access and resources are often barriers for entrepreneurs, particularly for those who live outside major centres and cannot afford to commute to an accelerator program. 

The TechTribe Accelerator is different because we are not bound by four walls, country, or even language.

  • We take start-ups through investment-ready programmes, facilitate investment opportunities, and provide other crucial support activities.

  • Doing all of these services’ online means that any start-up with an internet connection can access these features. This allows you to connect with a much wider range of start-ups and brings costs down by cutting on travel and building overheads.

  • SA Innovation Summit is the largest start-up event in Africa. The Summit provides various platforms for developing and showcasing African innovation, as well as facilitating thought-leadership. We bring together top entrepreneursinvestorscorporates, policy makers and thought leadersto support start-ups and inspire sustained economic growth across Africa.

  • TechTribe Community is a pan-African online network of innovators and ecosystem players that connect and access leading resources to thrive.


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