The Art of Pitching

Why Pitch - Your Pitch - Your Audience
Join African entrepreneurs on their start-up journeys.

Our course is built to help you understand the pitching process. Prepare for the correct audience type, investor type, and Q&A sessions with informative videos by experts and practical case studies.

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Each of the modules follows a set format consisting of:

An Overview Theory Applied Examples Case Studies Quizzes Assignments

The Art of Pitching Course is a short and practical programme offered by the TechTribe Accelerator to for founders to prepare for pitches. It is designed with practical examples and assignments that can be used immediate tot build or refine your pitch.

  • Are you getting questions about quality and surety in the market?
  • Have you been pitching to funders and feel like your progress has reached a ceiling?
  • Do you consider yourself a bad presenter and pitcher?
  • Have you found it difficult to tell a compelling and coherent story and feel assured that your audience was captivated?


1 Months


4-6 hours per week




Seed-Series A+


Online Course

100% Online


Access to Community


Optional mentorship

Developer: TechTribe

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More information

Each modules’ assignments provide you with an opportunity to apply what you have learned to your business and build your investment case. 

The outcomes of the assignments and content:

  • Understanding the different types of pitches.
  • Understanding that different types of investors look for different elements in your pitch
  • Modifying your pitch according to the audience type. 
  • Any stage of business that is activity growing.
  • African businesses from any industry.
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs pitching their business to early adopter customers.
  • Founders preparing for a pitching competition.
  • Founders preparing for a fund-raising round.
  • Professionals who want to be more entrepreneurial in their work and presentations.
  • Build a compelling investment narrative.
  • Practice pitching your case
  • Learn how to tailor your pitch for the main audiences of entrepreneurs.
  • Build a world class investment pitch and learn to pitch it like the best.
  • Empower your team by collaborating on the assignments.
  • Showcase your business, products, and pitch in the TechTribe Community (for members only).

Q: How do I apply for this course?A: Click on the top right of your screen: login|signup. Create a profile on our learning management system. You will then be able to see “The Art of Pitching” as a course you can purchase. Click on the course, pay for the course, and enjoy. Please see below for more detailed steps.

Q: How does the self-study work?
A: With self-study you will need to independently go through the programme and share all assignments with your external mentors. The course had videos, case studies, and great content to guide you on your way to putting together a showstopper pitch.

Q: How does the pricing work?
A: The price is standard for all start-ups, costing R450 ($25) for a minimum of 6 months access to the content.

Topics to cover in the course outline below:

Provides an overview of the course and your approach to pitch.

Your Pitch

Covers the pitch, pitch deck, and the importance of having an elevator pitch.

Your Audience

The different types of investors and pitches, how to alter your pitch for each, and what investors are looking for.


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Step 3

When logged into your account go to the site home tab and scroll down to the course name.

Step 4

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Step 6

Pay for the course, you will then be able to access the course content.


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