Bioscience Commercialisation Programme

Join African entrepreneurs on their start-up journeys.

Take your Bioscience and Biotech innovation to the market by navigating regulation complexity and technology levels.

Ask Yourself

  • If you are scientist and technical founder looking for, get a better grip on the business side of commercialisation.

  • When you have developed your product, you are facing challenges with licensing and regulation.

  • If you have built a prototype but want to get your technology ready for mass production.

The Bioscience Commercialisation Programme is tailored for biotech professionals, scientists, and innovators.

Developer: TechTribe and AUDA-SANBio

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Each modules’ assignments provide you with an opportunity to apply what you have learned to your business and build your Bioscience and Biotech business

Your walk away with tangible outcomes at the end of the programme:

  • Validated problem-solution.
  • Early adopter traction.
  • Technology readiness level roadmap.
  • Early-stage business model and financial model.
  • Validate your problem statement.
  • Define your technology readiness level
  • Find your early adopter customers.
  • Understand the regulation requirements and considerations for bioscience solutions in Africa.
  • Validate your solution with your customers.
  • Build a sustainable business model.
  • Develop a business growth model that works well alongside your product development model.
  • Refine your idea through customer feedback.
  • Learn from Bioscience examples and case studies.
  • Build a roadmap to product-market fit.
  • Run your business better with a lean early-stage financial model.
  • Access templates and assignments that you can re-use in building and refining your business.
  • Work with mentors that have walked the journey or are specialists in a field that can unlock your growth.

Q: How do I apply for this course?
A: To apply you need to fill in this form. We will then contact you before the new cohort starts.

Q: How do I get assigned a mentor?
A: When we contact you about joining the new cohort, we will also gather more information on your company and your specific needs and industry. This information will then be used to match you with a mentor that could help you take your business to the next level.

Q: What if I already have a mentor?
A: When we contact you, we will first ask if mentorship is something you are interested in. If you already have a mentor, then you will pay less for the course, and we will not allocate a new mentor to you.

Q: How does the pricing work?
A: Depending on if you need a mentor or not, the price will vary with the maximum price to be confirmed.

Q: Is there a self-study option available?
A: Yes, there will be a self-study option available where you will be able to independently go through the programme and share all assignments with your external mentors. This is different to a cohort as you will not receive content support from the TTA team nor be able to join any webinars on the content.

Topics to cover in the course outline below:

1. Get your business market ready

We give an outline of the course and a core concept.

2. Who am I selling to?

We support entrepreneurs to revise their porblem statements and market research.

3. Does the product work?

We highlight the importance of launching early and understanding your competition.

4. Does your business work?

Focused on teaching start-ups to think about how they plan to make money.

5. Market readiness checklist

Bringing concepts together and provides the tools to check for market readiness.

6. Align your product by Technology Readiness Levels

Use a standardized method understood by investors, clients and funders to communicate your development progress and access the appropriate partnerships.

7. Align your Technology Readiness Levels to regulations

We help you to develop a financial operating system for business growth.