Connect with the best African entrepreneurs.

Work on exciting projects with talented founders. Give back and be remunerated for your time while helping them to sell, pitch for investment, and manage growth

“I was inspired by the entrepreneurs, their innovations, and their vision to make a difference in Africa through business."

Dr Audrey Verhaeghe – CEO, SA Innovation Summit, South Africa
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Entrepreneurs in the 2020 investment readiness course raised funding.
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Entrepreneurs grew their revenue in 2020.
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Found mentorship increase their ability to achieve their goals

Are you an experienced founder or a business professional who has been in business or supported entrepreneurs?

The TechTribe Accelerator and its entrepreneurs are looking for you.

The journey of entrepreneurship has never been so competitive and never been so opportune as well. Collaboration and community are the core aspects of the success formula for the next generation of hot African start-ups.

The TechTribe Accelerator is a Pan African online accelerator and OnDemand virtual mentorship platform that brings community and collaboration to the founder. It consists of three main courses and several short courses modelled specifically to help start-ups in different stages and industries.

Mentorship allows you to self-evaluate yourself and teaches you to see things differently, in the past years we have noticed that mentors grow and learn more about themselves as they mentor start-ups from different backgrounds, ways of thinking, and ways of doing business. Mentorship challenges your old behaviours and gives you the opportunity to practice being a leader. Lastly, mentorship gives you the opportunity to change someone’s life and be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Passion Learn and Grow Expertise Get Paid

Virtual Mentorship

The TTA is THE platform for virtual mentorship. You can easily connect with entrepreneurs and find paying mentees online.

Various Entrepreneurs

There is a wide range of entrepreneurs needing different kinds of expertise and mentorship. There is a place for you, no matter how unique your background is.

Opportunity to Give Back

You have picked up gems of lessons for founders, that you can give back through the TTA while still being compensated for.

Browse our courses and join the 55 mentors in the TechTribe Accelerator.


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This is an opportunity to collaborate with the talented founders for a better future